The resources of BioResource Management Inc. (BRM) are its people.  BRM brings to its projects a team of full-time employees and professional collaborators educated and experienced in agricultural production, forestry, biomass conversion, and recycling. Years of collaboration, networking, and co-authoring studies have provided BRM with depth in biomass expertise and the ability to match specific project requirements.

Listed below are the key members of the BRM team.

Richard M. Schroeder, BS, M.Ag., MBA

Mr. Schroeder is the President and founder of BRM and brings over thirty years of  experience in planning, developing, and operating bioenergy facilities throughout the US . Mr. Schroeder’s experience includes governmental service and field operations of forestland management, sawmill operations, and recycling firms. As the Vice President of Development for a wood recycling company during the 1990s he led its seven-year growth from start-up to a national company operating in over 25 locations and handling nearly two million tons of organics and biomass each year.

Mr. Schroeder received his BS in Forestry and Masters Degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida. He also earned an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. He has served as a county forester, utilization specialist and statewide Wood Energy Coordinator for the Florida Division of Forestry. He has been a member of the National BioEnergy Industries Association, and the Chairman of the Wood Energy Committee in the Florida Forestry Association. He is a member of the Florida Organics Recyclers Association, the Biomass Energy Research Association, the Florida Forestry Association, and the Society of American Foresters. Full C.V. (pdf)

Brian Condon, MS, BS Ag.

Brian is the Vice President of Operations and the Procurement Manager at the Deerhaven Renewable Generating Station in Gainesville, Florida. His responsibilities include managing the facility scale house, quality control laboratory, and directly interfacing the biomass supply contractors. He has three employees under his direct supervision and manages over $20 million in biomass purchases annually. Brian has been with BRM in various capacities since 2008.

Brian began his career working in the field as a forestry contractor in the western US. He served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, and later became a founding member and manager of a local nonprofit agroforestry extension organization there. Brian also served as Crop Certification Director at Florida Organic Growers, and worked as a GIS Analyst at the St. Johns Water Management District. He has participated in projects aimed at identifying biomass supply and demand potential in 21 states. He is fluent in Spanish and skilled in a host of quantitative and GIS applications.

Brian received his MS in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida and his BS in Natural Resource and Environmental Science from the University of Illinois.

Doug Ebersole, BS

Doug is the Northeast Marketing Director and the newest member of our team. He is responsible for developing new markets for BRM’s renewable energy expertise in the Northeast, with a specific focus on the utilization of biomass feedstock, conducting biomass project feasibility studies, preparing fuel supply assessments, implementing new and emerging biomass and renewable energy technologies, and building strategic partnerships with public and private entities. He is also providing support for managerial and accounting functions.

Prior to joining BRM, Doug spent more than fourteen years in marketing and fund development roles within the non-profit, healthcare, and higher education industries.

Doug earned his BS in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and he is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Bio Energy Council.

Paul Proctor, BS, MS

Paul is the Quality Control and Laboratory Manager for the Deerhaven Renewable Generating Station. His position includes the sampling of approximately 120 truckloads per day, from twenty or more suppliers, for quality and specifications such as moisture content, ash content, presence of contaminants and particle size distribution.  Paul has been with BRM since 2014.

Paul received his BS and MS degrees in Forestry from the University of Florida from 1997 to 2002. Prior to this he attended various agency and university workshops, and received his Emergency Medical Technician, Class C Wastewater Treatment Certification, and Certification for hazardous materials management. Prior to joining BRM Paul worked as the Interim Operations manager and Field Research Coordinator for the School of Forest Resources Conservation at the University of Florida.  He also worked with the Florida Park Service as volunteer park ranger.

Ross Wygmans, BS, MS

Ross is the Biomass Forester for DHR. His responsibilities include maintaining our harvest tract database, inspecting harvested tracts to evaluate compliance with Florida Silvicultural Best Management Practices, and overseeing and ensuring compliance with DHR’s established sustainability standards for forest-sourced biomass.

Ross received his BS in Forest Resource Management from the University of Florida in 2016 and a Master’s in Ecological Restoration in 2018. Prior to joining BRM Ross spent a year working as a Field Forester for an international forestry consulting company. He and his wife also spent six months in Guyana, South America developing an organic farming project on behalf of their church. Ross is a member of the Society of American Foresters and a Certified Candidate Forester (CCF).

In addition to these full-time employees, BRM connects and collaborates with outside firms and consultants to being additional expertise to projects on an as-needed basis.  These are a few of our collaborators.

Roger Peterson, BS

Roger Peterson is the owner of Residual Solutions, Inc., headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL.  He brings over 20 years’ experience in organic materials marketing and management. His experience includes successfully marketing over one million tons of wood waste and yard waste annually in the Southeastern US.

He has also managed hurricane and storm debris recycling operations, operated field equipment operations, and has developed new products and uses for organic material as diverse as yard trimmings, sawmill residue, manures, peat and biomass boiler ash. Roger received his BS in Environmental Science from the University of Maine and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL.

Tawainga Katsvairo, PhD

Dr. Katsvairo is the Director of the Caribbean Biomass Initiative Project and also serves as a technical writer and grant administer. Dr. Katsvairo is a successful project manager and developer on biomass projects and emerging markets. He has a proven track record with a range of clients including start-up businesses and high asset-based publically-traded companies. He combines technical expertise in research and development of biomass projects, grant writing and private funding acquisition, and strong command on policy. Dr. Katsvairo has been involved in projects with a portfolio value of over $300 million.

Dr. Katsvairo is a technical advisor on emerging markets in the Caribbean, South and Central America and Africa. He assists clients on direct market entry and expansion, government regulations, and navigating frontier markets complex operating environments. He has excellent skills in working within culturally diverse environments.

Author of over 70 publications, Tawainga earned his M.Sc. from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. Tawainga is a board member of the Tallahassee Symphony Society.

Dr Katsvairo is also the CEO to a project development company, Arc Horizon LLC,

W.V (Mac) McConnell

As Associate Senior Analyst and Advisor, W.V. (Mac) McConnell  brings 30 years of experience as career forester with the U.S. Forest Service plus 39 years as  graduate student, Peace Corps volunteer, planner, consultant, and writer.   While specializing in short-rotation energy plantation systems and wildland management planning, Mac maintains a website that focuses on Public Land Management and Renewable Energy Full C.V. (pdf)

In addition to the dedicated personnel above, BRM taps many other resources on a national basis, incorporating professionals in forestry, agriculture, recycling, land use and other disciplines.  These resources enable BRM to respond to project requests throughout the US and internationally in a timely manner and adapt to client’s changing needs.