BioResource Management to provide dedicated crop biomass consulting to liquid fuel technology developer

BioResource Management, Inc. (BRM) has reached an agreement with BC
International to provide long-term consulting and development services related
to biomass feedstock.  BC International is a Boston-based company that is commercializing cellulosic ethanol technology using innovative fermentation organisms.
BRM will serve as a feedstock supply consulting firm, planning,
developing and operating the feedstock supply chain for its facilities.

BioResource Management announces major acquisition, organizational changes

BioResource Management today announced a key acquisition and merger and major organizational changes.  Fillbrook Corporation, a Florida corporation founded in 1982, was acquired and the combined companies were organized and chartered in Florida as BioResource Management, Inc.  Fillbrook Corporation was one of the first
biomass energy firms in Florida, and its experience dated to 1983 when it began
processing urban wood and delivering boiler fuel.  Fillbrook Corporation was also involved in marketing specialized wood products and performing wood fuel analyses.

BioResource Management presents at regional biomass energy workshop

BioResource Management presented a discussion of financing biomass
projects at the conference “Building a Biobased Industry—A Workshop on
Biomass-Related Incentives,” held July 12, 2005 at the Marriott Cincinnati Airport Hotel, Hebron, Kentucky. Co-sponsors for the workshop include the U.S. Department of Energy, Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), the Southern States Biobased Alliance, the DOE/SSEB Biomass State and Regional Partnership, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Regional Extension Forestry, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and the Southern Alliance for the Utilization of Biomass Resources.

BioResource Management receives contract for biomass consulting work with non-profit agency

BioResource Management has entered into an agreement with the N.
Florida Renewable Resource Conservation and Development District to investigate
the wood-fired boiler located at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida.  The purpose of the effort is to determine if the 38,000 pph boiler, mothballed since 1992, can be retrofitted and operated to supply the state’s prison complex with renewable energy.

BioResource Management, a Gainesville FL-based biomass energy company, enters into agreement with the University of Florida and the US Forest Service

BioResource Management announced today that it has entered into an agreement with the University of Florida and the US Forest Service to collaborate on a bioenergy grant awarded by the US Department of Energy. The project, entitled “Biomass Research and Development Initiative: Biomass Focused Forest Management Training” will research biomass production and utilization in the 14-state southeastern area and Puerto Rico.  The result of the effort will be training and support material for communities to promote and develop bioenergy projects