BRM Attends Federal Workshop on Biomass Feedstocks

BRM’s senior management was invited by the US Department of Energy (USDOE) to participate in a workshop held in Golden, CO and attended the session February3-4, 2015.  USDOE invited a limited number of biomass industry people nationwide to brainstorm with the USDOE, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Bioenergy Transportation Office, and the national energy labs including Oak Ridge National Lab, the National Renewable Energy Lab and the Idaho National Lab.

The purpose of the workshop was to have the federal agencies receive feedback from about 25 industry leaders on the national vision for achieving the bioconversion of over one billion dry tons of biomass by the year 2030. The discussion focused on feedstock aggregation, delivery and preprocessing facilities.

BioResource Management selected to assist in the Florida Statewide Biomass Assessment

BioResource Management Inc. (BRM) was part of a team that submitted a proposal and was selected to conduct a state wide biomass feedstock assessment for the Florida Legislature. The assessment, being administered by the Florida Forest Service, will examine the potential feedstock available for bioenergy facilities, and will include generation rates, existing and future users, and landowner profiles for identifying potential biomass suppliers.  The team includes F4Tech and Photo Science, a GIS imagery company.  “We are proud to be a part of this important work, and look forward to bringing practical biomass experience to the process”, said Richard Schroeder, the President of BRM.  Under the agreement the draft product of the analysis will be submitted in March 2013, and a final version presented to the legislature in May 2013.

BioResource Management presents biomass supply discussion at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

BioResource Management, Inc. (BRM) was invited and gave a presentation to the Short Rotation Woody Crop Working Group Conference, a biennial event sponsored by the Us Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge TN.  Richard Schroeder, the President of BRM, presented a discussion titled, “Feedstock Considerations for Commercial Facilities, and the Gainesville 100MW Biomass Plant”. BRM reviewed many years of actual experience in developing, procuring and managing biomass supplies for facilities, and provided an update of the Gainesville facility.  This presentation is available on the SWRC website ( or this link: Schroeder ORNL

BioResource Management to develop biomass power in the Caribbean basin

BioResource Management, Inc. (BRM) entered into a joint development to investigate, finance and construct biomass energy facilities in the Caribbean basin.  Specifically, a three-way joint venture was formed with BRM, an operational company in the United Kingdom, and an investment banking group with offices in Boston MA and Naples, FL.  The focus of the venture is to develop biomass power capacity in the US Virgin Islands, to replace costly fossil fuel power generation and create local jobs in growing, harvesting, and delivering biomass from the area’s former sugar cane fields. (for more info…)

BioResource Management presents review of bioenergy projects at the Florida Forestry Association Annual Conference

BioResource Management, Inc. (BRM) presented a roundtable discussion on the status of new and potential wood and energy markets at the Florida Forestry Association annual meeting held September 6, 2012, at the Sandestin Resort near Destin, FL.  At the conference, Richard Schroeder, the President of BRM, reviewed the planned, announced, and proposed facilities, and tried to separate fact from fantasy.

BioResource Management, Inc. selected to produce Georgia bioenergy supply paper

BioResource Management, Inc. has been selected to author a manuscript and presentation materials for the Georgia Forestry Commission, related to sourcing and contracting biomass feedstock supplies for emerging bioenergy facilities. The report is titled “Securing Long-term Forest Biomass Supply for Use in Bioenergy Facilities in the Southern U. S. – Descriptions, Advantages, Disadvantages, Useful Provisions, and Case Studies of Alternative Methods”.  It is expected that the final report will be completed by January 2012 and will be available to project developers and others seeking commercial scale projects in the Southeast US.

BioResource Management Selected to Manage Biomass Supply for 100 MW Florida Facility

BioResource Management, Inc. (BRM) announced today that it has been selected by Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, LLC (GREC) to manage their biomass supply requirements for GREC’s 100 MW generating facility located in Gainesville, Florida. The eight-year agreement includes responsibilities in biomass negotiating and contracting, delivery management, and ensuring compliance with forestry sustainability standards.  The GREC plant began site construction in early 2011, successfully completed financing in June 2011 and is scheduled to be operational by late 2013. “We are excited to be part of one of the largest biomass power projects in the U.S., a successful development effort
that will bring economic development to the area as well as increase renewable
energy and stimulate the health and management of the surrounding forests,”
said Richard Schroeder, President of BRM. “We are proud to have been selected
and look forward to the long-term relationship”. BRM was selected over national
and international firms to perform the services, and will oversee the delivery
of over 1,000,000 tons of qualified biomass to the facility each year through

The financing for construction of the GREC facility is the
result of over eight years of study by the Gainesville Regional Utilities to
expand their generating capacity.  The
first studies exploring the wood supply were conducted in 2003, and since then
at least five independent studies have been conducted by national research,
engineering firms, the University of Florida and other state agencies. The
consensus of these studies is that there are sufficient long-term, sustainable
supplies of low-grade or non-merchantable material to adequately supply the
facility for its estimated thirty-year life and beyond. The principals of BRM
were in involved in some of these studies since 2005. In 2009 BRM was
contracted to confirm the available supplies, and develop the delivery
infrastructure required for successful financing of the project.  During the next two years, BRM identified potential suppliers and developed letters of intent or long-term binding
agreements for over 100% of the facility’s requirements. BRM provided information and confirmation to GREC’s owners, lenders, stakeholders such as regulatory authorities, and local officials that the facility would have no adverse effects on the forest environment and would even improve the forest health. In addition, by removing the forest understory the danger of wildfires are prevented and open burning of landclearing debris is reduced.

BioResource Management selected to Panel studying Job Creation in the Cleantech Sector in Florida

BioResource Management, Inc (BRM) has been selected to be a participant in the
Florida Task Force, an effort supported by Governor Rick Scott and Workforce
Florida, Inc.  The sector of the economy is Clean Technology, and the purpose of the group is to focus on ways to make the state more economically friendly to businesses developing or implementingtechnology in the clean and renewable energy sectors.  The appointment will be effective through 2012.